Are “YOU” invested?

Netflix original series You has finally released a new season after two years and it was worth the wait.

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Netflix original series “You” has finally released a new season after two years and it was worth the wait.

Hailey Paddock, Staff Writer

Netflix original “You” has been a rollercoaster since the first season. This top ten show on Netflix released its newest season on Oct 15, 2021, and has blown up all over social media. Seeing the reaction of the public to the new characters introduced in the show has been a whirlwind of love and hate.

The show started off with a love interest that ended in murder, but in the second season, the main character Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) was tied up with a woman as psychotic as him and couldn’t shake her for the most recent season. The popular series has been a favorite for many thriller addicts since the beginning, and the new season three lives up to the expectations of Netflix’s highly watched series. Love (Joe’s spouse/baby momma), played by Victoria Pedretti, had fans rooting for her and then resenting her all in one episode. 

Personally, Love became my favorite character throughout the season. Pedretti played her so well, she made the character express emotions in ways people feel but can’t act upon. The show would not have been so favorable if this character was not played emotionally correct.

Love and Joe started their new life with a new baby, Henry, in a snobby town called Madre Linda. The young couple tried to turn over a new leaf in order to raise their child in the best way, but Joe’s obsession with women overtook the best of him again. Unfortunately, Love was not standing for it and ended up murdering his possible mistress. From there on the show plays out as usual with murders happening one after another. 

The whole time fans, including me, were on their toes, biting their nails trying to plot what would happen next. “You” has yet to fail the audience when it comes to suspense. Not only was there murder drama, but marital issues as well. Joe and Love are constantly on the edge of a divorce the whole season, leaving fans wondering what would happen next in their marriage.

After the couple seeks help from a marriage counselor, their relationship seems to work until Joe finds his new obsession. Love became too wrapped up in her whole family and friendship relations to notice Joe’s distance. When Love finds out about Joe’s new love interest she does what most expect; she tries to kill her. She ends up finding a soft spot for the woman because she had a daughter, and Love realizes that the maternal bond could never be replaced, possibly thinking about what her son would do without her.

The most recent season of “You” was personally a fan favorite and highly recommended. Fortunately, another season has been confirmed, and fans hope it won’t take another two years to come out. “You” lives up to the hype surrounding it.

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