“Uncharted” needs to be taken off the charts


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Major changes needed to be made to make this movie an authentic movie to the game.

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

The blockbuster action-adventure video game franchise “Uncharted” by Naughty Dog has produced a new movie with Sony Pictures Entertainment and PlayStation Productions starring famous actors Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan respectively that was released on Feb. 18, 2022. 

The movie is being produced by Avi and Ari Arad on a budget of $120 million. Avi Arad has worked on fan-favorite movies such as “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Venom.”

“Uncharted” is based on the fourth installment of the video game called “A Thief’s End.” It is set three years after “Drake’s Deception,” the third installment of the game. It follows Nathan Drake as he reunites with his brother, Samuel. He believes that the treasure of El Dorado will lead them to his brother whom he hasn’t seen in years. Victor Sullivan comes in to help him because he is a treasure hunter and wants what he is looking for.

Before the movie has even been released to the public, it has been receiving negative reviews from critics who watched it. “Uncharted” fans have complained about scenes not lining up with the game it’s based on, with some scenes not being in the fourth installment or from games before or after it. 

Fans also complained that it was very predictable and poorly written. There is an issue with the film that is very problematic is how the film is played, and it’s how Holland looks in the movie from how the main character in the game looks. 

After seeing the movie, it seems to be true what the critiques are saying about “Uncharted.” It tries to cram so much into the movie that viewers had a hard time staying interested.

Some of Holland’s action scenes are very similar to how he played Spiderman in Marvel movies and not like Nathan Drake. This loses the idea of it being “Uncharted” and not another Spiderman movie without his suit. It had some popular actors like Holland and Wahlberg, but they are not the best suited actors for an “Uncharted” movie.

It didn’t take enough risks to make it a memorable film. “Uncharted” also failed to give the characters the correct character traits. The actors acted more like themselves than who they were supposed to be. Wahlberg acted as if he were a brother figure to Drake instead of a father figure like in the games. Holland plays his character like he is cynical, grumpy, not funny and tries to act cool but not charming or determined like Nathen Drake in the games. 

Sony did set up for another movie in the end credits of the movie, but after seeing reviews of “Uncharted,” there isn’t a high possibility that it will be another one. Ratings aren’t that great and aren’t being well received for the audience it was intended for, so it would probably be best for there to not be another movie.

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