Partner’s Club: connecting one partner at a time


Cindi Anderson

Partner’s Club gave students the opportunity to go enjoy an event that they normally wouldn’t have the ability to – Friday night lights.

Olivia Lane , Managing Editor

Special needs children don’t always have the chance to interact with children in general education. However, Partner’s Club at Edmond Memorial High School gives students the opportunity to create bonds and relationships with special education students. 

Cindi Anderson, sponsor of the Partner’s Club, agrees that the club makes both parties happier.

“They have a true friendship and a true relationship. Our kids get excited to see those kids, who are also super excited to see them,” Anderson said.

Not only does the Partner’s Club help special needs students build relationships,  general education students can learn and grow by new experiences and developing empathy for those different from themselves. Aleah Schurr, a partner in the club, has enjoyed her experience so far.

“It has been such an amazing and rewarding experience because I am able to meet these great kids and form friendships,” Schurr said. 

Partner’s Club is dedicated to creating a positive and comfortable environment for all students to develop strong relationships and have good experiences. Another partner, Ramsey Leonard, has learned that she can help those with special needs while still having fun.

“The thing I love most about Partner’s Club is how positive everyone involved is, and the fun, inviting atmosphere that it creates,” Leonard said. 

Anderson wants to highlight Jacob Kinkade, a partner who goes out of his way to help implement the positive environment and make everyone feel as included as possible.

“He is very, very sweet with going over to some of our kids who are nonverbal or that are more reserved and meeting them where they are, and letting them feel included, and encouraging them to join in the activities,” Anderson said.

Along with Kinkade, Schurr also loves interacting with special needs kids, so much so that she wants to continue in the future.

“I will most likely continue to work with people with special needs in the future because it has always been a part of me,” Schurr said. “I’ve grown up with a visually impaired father and family friends with special needs, so it will continue to be a part of my life.”

Partner’s Club wants to show general education students that special needs students deserve the same treatment as anyone else and deserve to have meaningful friendships the same as others. According to Anderson, their presence in the community will be everlasting.

“I feel like it shows others that might not necessarily interact with our kids that they are a part of the community and that they’re always going to be a part of their community,” Anderson said.


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