Handling the debate: doors vs. wheels


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The online community has burst into a heated debate on if there are more wheels or doors in the world.

Bryson Dilbeck, Staff Writer

A recent trend asking the simple question of if there are more wheels or doors in the world has sparked a large-scale debate on the topic. The trend which originates from TikTok, which is a massive social media platform used by millions, has become quite interesting to observe.

The common opinion is that there are more wheels on Earth than doors, as a poll held at Edmond Memorial showed that 88 percent of students voted for wheels, with the other 12 percent voting for doors. 

When voting for this poll, one should ask themselves what counts as a wheel and what counts as a door, which tends to make the decision even more difficult. 

Are wheels just ones that are seen on things that require them? Or is it anything that is round and spins?

Are doors just entrances to buildings and cars? Or are doors anything that seals something? These are all questions that can be asked concerning the debate, and can cause an opinion to shift with every new question.

The answer to this is quite easy however, doors are doors and wheels are wheels, meaning that something should only be called that something if its goal at creation was to be that something. For example, a car wheel was meant to be a wheel, but a CD was not meant to be a wheel.

Saying something should be considered a thing it isn’t meant to be would be completely unfair to the argument. When it is rounded down to this philosophy, the question becomes easier to answer.

The second thing someone should ask themselves when deciding on this is the actual question, and there are a few things that can be taken in mind here. First of all, most wheels tend to come in pairs, while doors are much more likely to appear alone. However, doors also have many variations such as car doors, cabinets, gates and many others.

At first, it may appear that the number of the objects may be too close to each other to vote confidently, however, there is likely one deciding factor that gives one the edge over the other – that being that doors are usually larger than wheels. 

Meaning that they take up more space, especially in buildings where the much smaller wheels on a roller chair could be present, this proving that wheels could be more abundant and likely are because of their commonly smaller size than doors and tendency to be produced and used in pairs more commonly than doors.

Therefore, my answer to this question is wheels, however, the numbers are likely closer than most people think. 

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