Tremendous Tacos

Delicious appetizers from Revolucion.

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Delicious appetizers from Revolucion.

Anna Frazier, Staff Writer

Sometimes in Edmond, Okla there are not enough restaurants to eat at. It becomes tiring going to the same ones every night when there is nowhere else to go. Occasionally branching out is the best option, and driving 10 minutes longer than it usually takes to go to a boring restaurant in Edmond, can bring you to an amazing new restaurant in Oklahoma City.
Located on NW 6th St and Classen, Revolucion is a new spin on Tex Mex. They offer everything anyone could ask for, including my personal favorite: the Crispy Cauliflower Taco. Revolucion contains a colorful environment with a friendly staff that never fails to make me feel comfortable anytime I go to Revolucion.
When sitting down at a table, the waiter will always bring a complimentary bowl of popcorn with a sweet and spicy seasoning on it. This perfect appetizer is not too filling and flavorful. If the popcorn is not enough, indulging in some chips and queso can also be a help. The queso they offer is mouthwatering, and if one doesn’t enjoy queso there are also options like guacamole and salsa which are perfect too.
Tacos are always the main course for me. After some popcorn and queso, I can always fit in a couple tacos before I am full. Al Pastor has pork and pineapple which is an interesting combination. This taco eventually became one of the best I’ve had there. The mix of the well marinated pork, with the sweet and sour pineapple is a perfect mixture that will melt in your mouth in every bite. Another one I often order is the Crispy Cauliflower Taco. The cauliflower is cooked perfectly sat on top of a creamy avocado sauce. The sauce provides flavor to every bite, making it flawless.
Revolucion is not only incredibly tasty, but also extremely cheap. If you were to order all of that and even a couple more tacos for your friend, it would still be under $20.00. Living off of a highschool budget makes it almost impossible to eat out at a restaurant that can really be enjoyed, but at Revolucion anyone can enjoy it.
I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Revolucion is worth it by far. Edmond sometimes cannot offer all of its potential and you have to leave it up for another city to take the trophy with one of the best restaurants in town.

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