Are clubs gone for good?


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With tutorial now gone, its less likely for clubs to meet anymore

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

Ever since spring break ended, Edmond Memorial High School has been on a new schedule that removes tutorial and adds five minutes to the start of second hour and the end of sixth hour. 

Tutorial gave an extra 30 minutes of free time to students so that they could participate in clubs activities and have time to do extra work for classes if needed, but the school needs to extend the year and this involves discarding tutorial.

The district changed the schedule because of the three snow days that we had over the past three months. Administration extended the school day so that they wouldn’t have to add another week to the end of this year. 

One thing that not many people are talking about is when clubs will meet with tutorial now gone. While there is the option after school, many students are not able to participate in activities after school because of various obligations.

Ways of traveling home from school are limited, ultimately restricting people from going to after school meetings for clubs. It’s a problem that the school shrugs off; it’s either you stay at school for meetings, or you don’t have a ride home

Even those who receive a ride from a relative may not be able to stay because of their after-school jobs. These restrictions make it so that they can’t participate. 

The school should have some way to have kids be able to participate in school activities. Having tutorial and club activities during school would go against the new schedule that was instated on March 20, 2022. This could be the downfall for clubs if they can’t meet together anymore, which means fewer school activities that students will enjoy.

This new schedule is for the best so that school can’t go on any longer than the set date in May because the extra days would be unreasonable and would add more to the curriculum that isn’t required by the school board.

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