Are monster movies worth watching anymore?

Should you watch kaiju movies?

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Should you watch kaiju movies?

Bryson Dilbeck, Staff Writer

Kaiju,” or monster movies are a concept that many people have been obsessed with for a very long time. The genre is very iconic to many ages for similar reasons, the love of giant monsters. However, over recent years has this iconic genre become watered down by poor-quality additions? 

In the early to mid 20th century, monster movies were all the rage, especially since the idea of giant monsters in cinema was quite new at the time. But now when watching that same genre, one can notice the pattern and how all “kaiju” movies have the same general basis with little variety. The one thing that makes an enjoyable movie is an exceptional idea, adequate execution and especially originality. Of course, when every monster movie begins to follow the same pattern, they all feel like the same movie.

In recent years, this genre has seemingly lost its ability to not only be different, but to execute its ideas thoroughly. Most recent monster movies are considered average to below average according to most critics. To put it simply, modern monster movies aren’t built on good execution or being unique, but on fan service. 

The reason people watch most monster movies is fan service. An example of this is Godzilla, ask anyone why they’d want to see a new Godzilla movie, and one would likely hear the same response. Many would not say they want to watch it because they think the movie might be good or because they’ve heard it’s good, they would say they went to see the iconic monster himself and nothing else about the movie would matter to them. This could also explain why the genre still remains, because some people don’t see how truly bad these movies have been.

Overall, these modern day monster movies are not worth watching because they do not have the same effort put into it that kickstarted the genre and still keeps it alive to this day. 

Most of the newer movies are not exciting to watch, due to the lack of creativity, anyone can watch almost any movie from this genre and feel the same thing from it. 

While older installations are worth watching fully, you should only watch clips of the newer ones to experience why people even watched it. 

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