Marvel marvels with marvelous “Moon Knight”


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Marvel’s “Moon Knight” stuns audiences with its unconventional superhero.

Adeline Gruen, Staff Writer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has now entered its fourth phase, (Phases are a group of MCU films that build upon each other) introducing brand new characters that have not been mentioned in the previous phases. These characters include Shang-Chi, the Eternals and most recently, Moon Knight. “Moon Knight,” a TV show on Disney+, was first released on March 30 and just ran its last episode on May 6.

“Moon Knight” follows Steven Grant (Oscar Issac), a museum gift shop worker who often blacks out and wakes up in random places, such as fields and small rural towns. Steven eventually finds out that the reason he continues to wake up in these places is because he is sharing a body with Marc Spector (also played by Issac). Marc is an avatar for the Egyptian god Konshu (F. Murray Abraham), the god of the moon. Marc is on a mission to stop Konshu’s former avatar, Harrow (Ethan Hawke), from releasing Ammit (Saba Mubarak), the Egyptian god of judgment, upon the world. As Marc and Steven’s worlds start to clash together, things grow more and more complicated, as they fight for control.

Each character goes through a range of emotions as they battle with their past to save the future. Issac did a wonderful job accentuating the differences between Marc and Steven and made them feel like two completely different people. May Calamawy who played Layla El-Faouly (Marc’s wife) did an excellent job changing the way she interacted with Isaac as he changed characters and really brought the character of Layla to life.

“Moon Knight” explores a new side of mythology. Previous MCU projects mostly focus on Norse gods, but this show is based upon the Egyptian gods and their avatars. This new source of material makes for an exciting premise that better engages audience members who have seen the other MCU projects many times over.

As the MCU has done in their previous shows and movies, “Moon Knight” also focuses heavily on mental illnesses. Marc/Steven has dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This representation is helpful for others that struggle with the same illnesses as they can see that they aren’t alone. The MCU has done a great job showing this representation, and I hope they continue to do so.

Overall, “Moon Knight” was by far my favorite Marvel Disney+ show. This can be seen through its amazing cinematography, acting and overall subject matter. It also earned a 7.5/10 from IMDb and a 87% from RottenTomatoes

Even though fans are sad that “Moon Knight” had to end, a second season has been teased. The Marvel Studios Twitter page promoted the final episode as the season finale not series finale. Also “Moon Knight” writer Mohamed Diab, stated in an interview that “Moon Knight is staying, staying for a long time.” So, hopefully, even if there is no season two, Moon Knight will join the rest of the MCU in the movies.

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