Student Bulldog returns as a teacher Bulldog


Photo by Miller Davis

Sophomore English teacher Mandilyn Sanders

Hailey Paddock, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This year Edmond Memorial High School welcomed many new teachers, including alumni student and sophomore English teacher Mandilyn Sanders. 

“I grew up in Edmond and went to Edmond Public Schools and graduated from UCO [University of Central Oklahoma]. I am definitely an Edmond product,” Sanders said.

Sanders grew up loving storytelling whether it was books, poems, television or movies. She always would find a way to connect with people through story-telling.

“I want a career that allows me the most reach to be able to help people connect with stories and other people through those stories,” Sanders said. “I just found that teaching was where I was able to do that and encourage empathy.” 

Previous to teaching at Memorial, Sanders taught at Cimarron Middle School and has seen students she few years prior to working at Memorial.

Being back at Memorial and seeing her former teachers now as colleagues is a positive factor for Sanders. 

“It’s great, there is a lot that hasn’t changed and there is a lot that has, but I felt very welcomed being back. Memorial is a great culture and I’m really happy to be back,” Sanders said.

With this school year on the move, Sanders is glad to be back and working in an environment she grew up in and is looking forward to Swine Week as a teacher.

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