Disney+ new releases


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Disney+ upcoming releases are putting a spin on original classics.

Grace Swisher, Staff Writer

Disney+, the streaming service that provides all house of mouse content including fan favorites and new releases, has recently revealed trailers for their upcoming drops. Some of these include previews for new movies, or TV shows based off of original films. 

Starting off, “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” trailer was released just last week. During the clip, we see Ahsoka being trained by Anakin, and Count Dooku becoming even more violent. This seems to be an amazing addition to the Star Wars Canon. This series contains roughly 15 minute episodes, however the overall story seems to be intricate. In the clip, there are quick shots of familiar characters such as Captain Rex And Bail Organa, bringing the audience even more intrigued with the plot. Doku hangs with a smaller group of Jedis in the video, then witnessed a coffin, “I’ve been warning them about the coming of darkness,” Doku said. Everything about this trailer is eye catching and several Star Wars fans cant wait to watch. 

A spinoff of the original 2004 release, “National Treasure,” is being released on Disney+ soon as well. The new adventure series, “National Treasure: Edge of History,” is told from the point of view of Jess, a brilliant, young and creative girl who is in search regarding answers about her complicated family. This show seems interesting as Jess has to solve a mystery about a lost Pan-American treasure. Actors such as Austin Walker, Jordan Rodrigues, Lyndon Smith, and Zuri Reed will all be featured in the Disney+ original. The plot seems adventurous, witty and ultimately mysterious as much of the story has yet to be revealed. 

“Willow” is also a remake of an original film that will be premiered later this fall. The trailer for this adventure fantasy show is dramatic with lots of magical sets and wonderful bright cinematography. Christian Slater is confirmed to be in this film which has excited several fans of the original “Willow” film since Slater will be playing a friend of Madmartigan who was first played by Val Kilmer. It seems no previous knowledge of the original film is required to understand the spinoff, which is beneficial to those who only watch to watch the newer version. 

Overall, the recently added trailers on Disney+ have thoroughly intrigued several audiences, between mysteries and magic, they seemed to have hit the mark for all fans.

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