Varsity softball hitting it out of the park in 2022-23

Varsity Softball has been working hard all season and it paid off when they won state.

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Varsity Softball has been working hard all season and it paid off when they won state.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

The varsity softball team at Edmond Memorial has given it their best this season, striving for success at every game and practice. With the determination and hard work they have put in, they were set up for victory at state.

“The team had expectations of going into each game and giving their all and we really focused on winning each inning and having each other’s backs. If we could do that, the wins would come day after day,” varsity softball coach Kayla Carlsward said. 

Winning state is a huge victory to the Bulldog team, but also a learning experience for each of the members. 

One thing I’ve learned from winning state is that anything can happen, and if you put in the work, it will eventually pay off,” player Beth Damon said. 

Strong team connections are vital to being good at the game, and the varsity softball team has just that. 

“Our biggest strength is our good team chemistry, that they pick each other up, the game is built on failure, so we know how to help each other out when someone is struggling, and it really shows on the field,” Carlsward said.

Memorial’s varsity softball players aren’t only a team on the field, but in daily life too. Strong friendships on and off the field benefit the players during a game.

“I think at Memorial softball we hang out outside of school, we go to group bonding, and we built the game based on friendship, rather than just the sport. That really improves our chemistry and makes us work harder because we aren’t just playing for ourselves we are playing for the whole team,” player Ryley Watkins said. 

They have had some big wins this year, including overcoming some of their biggest rivals. 

“Our biggest win was probably Deer Creek, we beat them in ten innings, the game lasted almost four hours, and they ended up winning 12 to 9 so it was pretty bigtime,” Carlsward said. 

Newer players learning from elders in the team has also helped varsity softball be so successful. 

“I think we have a lot of underclassmen this year that are willing to work really hard and the upperclassmen allowing themselves to teach the underclassmen is really strengthening the dynamic. Everybody’s more willing to learn everybody’s more willing to teach,” Watkins said. 

The varsity softball at Memorial is playing their best this year due to many reasons, from new coaches to the new players. This year they’re showing their strength and full potential representing the school at every game. 


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