Natalie Jane from TikTok to the studio


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TikTok has turned into a platform for individuals not only to share their talent but promote their careers. Natalie Jane is one of those people who has been able to gain success through sharing her music in short clips.

Hailey Paddock, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Nowadays TikTok is one of the primary ways for people to share their talents. Many TikTok stars have been able to make a career out of the app or spread the message about their upcoming projects. Singer Natalie Jane is one of those many individuals who have blown up for their music.

Jane had already released five songs before she gained massive popularity. She posted a video in May 2022 of her in the studio singing one of her newest songs, with that video receiving over three hundred fifty thousand likes. When I first heard the song “Mentally Cheating” I thought it was different from anything I had heard before. There was a mysterious pop vibe to it with a lot of bass. The song turned out to be a massive hit and surpassed eighteen million streams on Spotify.

It was clear Jane was not a one-hit-wonder after another clip of her singing popped up on my “for you page.” By August her popularity had grown and her next song was bound to be a hit as well. When fans had been begging for months for new material, Jane released “Seven.” All of her music features conflicting relationships which some of her fans can relate to, and others just find the songs catchy. I found myself singing this for weeks because it was easily stuck in my head. 

At this point, I was interested in her career. That’s when I started scrolling through her videos to see if she had any other songs yet to release. I stumbled across “Ava,” which had been my favorite song of hers so far. She sampled it in August, but no word had been out since then. Almost like fate, she started to promote it and finally gave a release date in November. The song is about seeing another girl’s name in her significant other’s phone and questioning why there was a heart next to it. This sound was a bit slower with more build-up to the climax and overall had a better structure than her other ones. 

The reason I believe Jane is able to keep fans active and interested is her way of sharing her music. There is no doubt she’s talented, but she has used TikTok to share with a certain demographic and constantly promotes her music. Every time she gives fans a sneak peek, she waits about a month before she releases it to the public. During that time span, she constantly posts videos about that song so the lyrics are ingrained into one’s head. With much anticipation, I, along with many other fans, wait for her to finally release it.

Jane is definitely an artist with the potential for great things. I can’t think of anyone who she sounds like, which makes her stand out. Her songs are catchy with a great beat, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if she grows into a music star.


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