Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo scam


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“CryptoZoo” has turned into a crypto disaster.

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

Famous YouTuber and WWE Superstar Logan Paul has introduced the world to “CryptoZoo,” a game that can earn the players money as they complete tasks set by the game. A year after the game was released, a three-part series released by a YouTuber Coffeezilla, also known as Stephen Findeisen, called out Paul’s “CryptoZoo” for scamming millions from investors.

“CryptoZoo” is a game available on phones and laptops that was intended to be a way for users to make money online using the token. The concept of the game is the user buys zoo tokens with their money and then buys eggs with the zoo tokens. These eggs hatch into animals that can be bred together to obtain interesting combinations of different species. The images after this occur are turned into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that users can keep. This makes the image more valuable. The player can also burn the NFT to receive tokens to either buy more eggs or sell the zoo tokens.

One of the main reasons why so many invested in “CryptoZoo” was because they trusted Paul as he had built a better reputation online in recent years. The investments have cost people thousands of dollars due to the value of the coin dropping massively after a month of release. However, losing money wasn’t their only concern when it came to “CryptoZoo.”

While Findeisen was interviewing some investors in “CryptoZoo,” one of them brought up that after buying eggs they couldn’t hatch them. He contacted the support line who said that they were working on it, but it still hasn’t been fixed.

Findeisen also talked about the other people involved with the project including Paul’s manager Jeffrey Levin, lead developer Eddie Ibanez and Jake Greenbaum, also known as Jake the Crypto King. Both Greenbaum and Ibanez accused the price of zoo tokens to drastically fall after Greenbaum sold around $200,000 worth of tokens for $2.5 million, it is unclear how much Ibanez made after he sold his tokens.

While Findeisen’s video became viral, Paul released an apology video online that addressed Findeisen’s claims and defended himself. He threatened to sue Findeisen for defamation and an “illegally” recorded phone call. Paul later deleted this video after many people and lawyers assessed his claims, arguing that Paul wouldn’t win in a legal battle over defamation.

On Jan. 13, Paul released a response on Twitter about his plans to drop the charges against Findeisen and his three-step-plan going forward. His first step is that Paul and Levin are going to burn all of their zoo tokens to raise the value of the token, and therefore they have no financial gain from the coins. They will then offer a reward program for all the disappointed players of “CryptoZoo,” boosting the base value of their eggs and NFTs. The final part of Paul’s plan is to finish the game and make sure users can earn money through the game. 

“Coffeezilla is not a criminal. I called him, and I apologized. My initial response to his series was that of fire, ego and pride,” Paul said.

Paul also included that he will be taking legal action against anyone who was involved with the downfall of “CryptoZoo” and will be putting all the money earned from this to the people who lost money from the game. 

The situation involving Paul and his development team has been sketchy since they have not been able to produce a product satisfying to the investors. While Paul made promises to players to make amends for all the mishaps with “CryptoZoo,” he doesn’t have an amazing track record for keeping his promises but only time will tell. 

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