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An “L” for Leo

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Leo the adventurous Lizard embarks on a new expedition.

Adam Sandler released three Netflix Originals, one being “Leo,” which was released on Nov. 21. The other one was “Hustle.”Despite Sandler being a big name in comedy, “Leo” did not live up to comedic expectations. Leo, voiced by Sandler, and his friend Squirtle, who is voiced by Bill Burr, are in a tank together as class pets for a fifth-grade class. Leo wants to explore the world. After talking to one of the kids, he then wants to explore the world that he never saw. When Leo crawled out of the cage, he wanted to explore the world.

When the movie first started, it was amazing. Near the middle, the film began to lose my interest as it became less comedic and more diluted. The film wasn’t as interesting as it could have been, Sandler has produced many movies, but this one was more of a downer for him. 

People love the idea of the talking lizard, but the movie did not exactly make sense. Mrs. Salinas likes Leo one second, and then does not. Everything changes quickly; it is awkward if anything. At first, the students did not like the new substitute, Mrs. Salinas but grew to love her. The reason why they did, does not have to do with her though. One of the main reasons why the kids liked Mrs. Salinas is because of the new rule that she made when Ms. Malkin went on pregnancy leave, being that each one of the kids had to take a class pet home over the weekend. 

Most of the kids decided to take Leo home over Squirtle, due to the fact that ever since one of the kids took him home, he was talking to them. Squirtle did not think that this was a good idea, or even would have lasted longer than a few weeks, but then things take a turn for the worse. All the kids wanted to take Leo home, because he told them that they were the only ones that he talked to and that they were special for that. 

Overall, in the end, this movie is still one of the No. 1 movies on Netflix, and kids love the idea of the talking lizard. This is yet another one of Adam Sandler’s biggest hits on movies. Sandler made almost 20 Million Dollars, and according to Rotten Tomatoes, it was a hit.

 Personally, I did not like this movie. The movie was self explanatory after the start, but the beginning was great. With all the tension, it had you on the edge of your seat. 

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Jordan Moore
Jordan Moore, Staff Writer
Hey there! My name is Jordan Moore, I’m a sophomore here at Memorial. This will be my first year on staff, the intro class was so fun! Outside of school, I work at a pizza parlor, and work on our property. Fun fact about me is that I have 10 other siblings, and they’re all boys! I love reading, and the outdoors. I hope this year is amazing, and I will continue to write for the Ruff Draft for many years to come!