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Edmond Memorial golf teams swinging for success

Kennedy Day
One of the boys from the EMHS golf team swinging for action during a tournament.

The golf teams at Edmond Memorial High School have been competing in several different competitions. In most of the competitions, both teams have placed in the top 10. The EMHS boys and girls golf teams have gone to their state competitions multiple times in the past but have been unsuccessful in their attempts to win the trophy. This year, they are striving to make that difference. The boys’ head coach, Health Steele, Steele is supportive and proud to be the coach for their team. This is Steele’s first year as the Head coach for EMHS boys golf. 

 “I love to be able to witness the progress with this team,” Steele said. “There is no replacement for being there and watching them succeed and win their awards.”  

Senior Kale Flinton of the boys golf team and is currently on the Junior Professional Golfers’ Association of America tour. Although Flinton has his heart set on continuing to play golf, he is still undecided about which college to attend.

“I love talking to and encouraging the underclassmen, showing them this ultimate goal that we are working towards and reasons as to why we put hard work in when nobody is watching,” Flinton said. 

The different ways that Flinton expresses the differences and similarities is talking about being more consistent. 

“I think one of our strengths is that we are good at persevering through bad weather and tough competition,” Flinton said. “We never seem to give up and keep our heads up through thick and thin.”

Assistant girls golf coach Justin Buckner has been the coach for the girls’ team for the last few years. With that, Buckner wants to see the girls improve. Buckner wants to see more consistency and hard work from the players and coaches. 

“I love getting to watch the girls compete and improve their game every day,” Buckner said.“I also love being outside with the girls on a nice day on the course.”

 When Buckner mentioned the previous years of state competitions, he wanted to try and improve on making it past second place. 

“I would like for us to be more consistent on the work that is being put into our games and try to make sure we can place about second place this year,” Buckner said. 

On the girls’ team, Senior McKenna Tatum is known for being one of the more recognized players of the season for the girls golf team. Tatum expresses that some of the team’s main strengths are their values.

 “We all play with integrity, humbleness and dedication,” Tatum said. “Our girls all have their strengths and weaknesses, which helps make us the team we are.”

This year, they are competing at the Stillwater Country Club. They have been competing there for years, and are hoping to bring the trophy home this time. 

“Our ultimate goal is to finish first place at the State competition at Stillwater this year,” Tatum said. 

In the end, the girls’ and boys’ golf teams have placed in the top 10 at all their competitions. They are hoping to make district winners, and possibly make it to first place at state competitions.

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Jordan Moore
Jordan Moore, Staff Writer
Hey there! My name is Jordan Moore, I’m a sophomore here at Memorial. This will be my first year on staff, the intro class was so fun! Outside of school, I work at a pizza parlor, and work on our property. Fun fact about me is that I have 10 other siblings, and they’re all boys! I love reading, and the outdoors. I hope this year is amazing, and I will continue to write for the Ruff Draft for many years to come!