Shooting their way into state


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Memorial's archery team participated in an annual OKNASP tournament.

Makinzy Todd, Memorial Staff Writer

With bows pulled taut and excited energy in the air, Edmond Memorial’s archery team competed in their state competition at the Oklahoma City fairgrounds Feb. 13.

They competed against a wide variety of schools from across the state and came out with sixth place. Some of the students placed individually, which helped their team place higher as a result.

“They’re all great kids and I enjoy working with them,“ archery coach Rick Leath said. “It gives students an opportunity to succeed.”

Students such as junior Bonnie King, who placed first statewide for the juniors, have put in a lot of effort towards archery through their practices in the hopes of placing and they achieved exactly what they wanted.

“Normally we would practice in the small gym during or after seventh hour,” junior Bri Day said.

Not only has the competition helped these students grow in skill, it has also helped them grow as a team and as friends.

“My favorite part of competing was being able to play with my friends,” King said. “I’ve really enjoyed this season and can’t wait to play again next year.”

The sport is played differently for each competition: the amount of arrows, the distance away from the target, and the amount of rounds played vary each game. It also varies on whether it’s indoor or outdoor as well.

Leath along with his students are proud of their actions and level of play in the competition and are excited to compete again next year.

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