Watermelon Sugar


Harry Styles has a summer feeling..in winter?

Anna Baustert, Staff Writer

November 4, Harry Styles announced that he will be releasing a new studio album “Fine Line” on Dec. 13. 

Styles was featured on Saturday Night Live (SNL) Nov. 16 to showcase one of his new songs “Watermelon Sugar,” which will be included in his new album.

Styles’ song has taken the world by storm this past week with conversation ranging from the meaning to why he would release a summer song during winter. This song contrasts quite differently to his second most recent song “Lights Up,” which was also released this year.

From start to finish, Styles’ new song is quite repetitive with refrains such as “strawberries on a summer evenin’,” “breathe me in, breathe me out,” “I don’t know if I could ever go without” and “watermelon sugar high.” 

Fans have rumored to believe that Styles’ new song is about his ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe, whom he dated between 2017 and 2018. The breakup between him and Rowe appeared to have had a fairly large impact on Styles and his journey through his career and the main inspiration behind this song was the two-year relationship between him and Rowe. 

The in-depth meaning addresses how he misses all the good times he had with her. 

Diving into the first verse, most people think that Styles’ is simply appreciating his ex-girlfriend and creating a scene to show his addiction towards her. Moving into the chorus, Feb. 2017, Rowe mentioned that one of her favorite books was In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan. 

Overall, since Styles’ favorite season is summer and he loves everything that summer has to offer, that is how he began the format for this new song and progressed it into a deeper meaning. He then tied it in with his past with Rowe. Styles’ fans are anxiously awaiting his new album and his world tour that will begin in 2020.


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