The 72nd Geary invitational tournament


Coach Will Delk led the team at the Geary tournament.

Jamison Joyce, Staff Writer

(The Geary Invitational Wrestling Tournament) has taken place annually for 72 years in Geary, Okla. Top wrestling teams from the state and other surrounding states are invited to compete, making this tournament one to remember.

Memorial’s new coach Will Delk has coached among high school wrestling teams in the Geary tournament and knows how tough the tournament can be to compete in.

“It’s an extremely tough tournament because it is a blind draw, meaning two of the top ranked wrestlers could wrestle right at the beginning part of the bracket,” Delk said. 

This tournament is a big event for wrestlers and wrestling fans, but not just any team can compete without an invitation.

“Even being invited to the Geary Tournament is something to be proud of,” Delk said.

As a result of the prestige behind the Geary Tournament, (mind battles) are a common obstacle wrestlers competing in the tournament have to overcome. If left untreated, they may affect their overall performance.

“Overcoming yourself is the biggest obstacle because it is a mental game, and it becomes easy to overthink things or stress yourself out,” senior wrestler Jackson Oplotnik said.

Coach Delk provided his wrestlers with advice and words of inspiration to combat these psychological battles that they may have had before the tournament.

“Delk gives a lot of great advice and motivation and he’s really good at talking to us and keeping us calm,” Sophomore wrestler Jake Mccain said.

Despite the mix of emotions they were feeling before the tournament, Memorial wrestlers managed to achieve quite a lot at the Geary tournament, including a first place finish from senior Cruz Aguilar. 

“(Cruz Aguilar) at 113 pounds actually won the tournament,” Delk said “He’s a very tough kid and an energetic and intensive individual.”

The Memorial wrestling team entered the Geary Tournament with intensity and left knowing that they were a force to be reckoned with this year. 

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