OkMEA Hall of Fame has a new member


Mary Beth Singleton conducts her Junior Varsity choir.

Avery Hamlin, Staff Writer

Edmond Memorial’s very own Mary Beth Singleton was awarded a spot in the OkMEA (Oklahoma Music Educators Association) Hall of Fame, Jan. 16. Her hard work with 28 years of education in Oklahoma paid off as she joins her husband, Wes Singleton (who won the award in 2015) in this outstanding accomplishment. 

“I think it shows how much we both care about our state’s professional organization and it is important for us to be active in our community,” Singleton said. “OkMEA does so much for our students and I cannot imagine not supporting and doing what we can to help make it run successfully.”

To be nominated for this award means one is dedicated to teaching students to grow on their musical talent and Singleton has done this and more. Not only has she committed herself to her school students, but has volunteered in the music community for years.

“My mom is a well-rounded teacher. She has taught in elementary, middle school, and high school and has been amazing in every position,” senior Chloe Singleton said. “She’s everyone’s mom; pretty much anytime you walk into her office you can find her offering advice to a student or working after hours to ensure that she can provide everyone with the best experience possible.”

Starting in college, Singleton knew she wanted to become a teacher after observing classroom environments. All her life she had been in love with music but never quite knew what she wanted to do with it until entering college at Southeastern Oklahoma State University

“I love being a music teacher, because I get to see all grades and the students development from preK all the way to 12th grade at some point in my career,” Singleton said. 

This award is one of the highest awards received as a state music educator and Memorial is very lucky to have both music teachers a part of the Hall of Fame. When hearing the initial news, Singleton was stunned and at a loss for words, but her daughter was in no shock. 

“I thought right away that she was the most deserving person I could think of to be presented with that honor,” Chloe said. “It made me so happy that her choral director friends came together to show her that she is so appreciated by so many.”

Singleton has spent hours inside and outside of school dedicated to her profession and her students and it has clearly been well rewarded. Going above and beyond in her connections and teachings, Singleton has found her well-deserved place in the OkMEA Hall of Fame.

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