Alec Benjamin’s new song is making fans go “oh my god”

Alec Benjamin releases his fifth single for his upcoming studio album These Two Windows.

Alec Benjamin releases his fifth single for his upcoming studio album “These Two Windows.”

Anna Baustert, Staff Writer

Feb. 13, pop Alec Benjamin released his fifth single “Oh My God.” Benjamin has also released two other singles over the past few months. 

“Demons” was released on Jan. 21 and “Mind Is A Prison” was released Dec. 23 of last year. These three songs will be a part of Benjamin’s new album “These Two Windows.” 

The majority of Benjamin’s songs have the same energy and flow, which are all laid back and down to earth. Many of his songs have personal meanings and history behind them, his three most recent songs more so than the others. 

“Oh My God” reflects what could happen if fame catches up to Benjamin and he loses who he once was. He foreshadows a lonely, older version of him living in a clear Hollywood Hills and contemplating his choices, henceforth the lyrics, “Oh my god, look in the mirror, I was young, nothing to fear once, What have I done, how did I get here?” 

Benjamin also alludes to one of Elton John’s most infamous songs “Rocket Man” from 1972. The listeners can identify this allusion in the pre-chorus, “I’m lost just like Will Robinson, or rocket man in space” to emphasize how forlorn he feels. 

As an up and coming artist in the music industry, Benjamin has still managed to surprise his fans over and over. Because he is a more underrated artist, he hasn’t made a huge impact in the industry, but he has made strides forward and is on his way to stardom. “Oh My God” is continuing the sheer excellence that Benjamin has exhibited over the past few years. 

One of Benjamin’s outlining qualities is his voice. Even in his mid twenties, he is able to maintain a youthful and boyish quality that allows his voice to sound innocent and sweet. The soft and sweet sound of his voice has proven to be alluring to many of his fans. 

Benjamin’s official debut album will be released April 3. He will be playing at Coachella, April 12 and 19, and he will start his second tour March 11 in Cardiff, U.K. 


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