Trippie Redd at the Criterion


Hailey Paddock

Trippie Redd recently performed at the Criterion in OKC.

Hailey Paddock, Memorial Staff Writer

Wed. March 4, rapper Trippie Redd performed at the Criterion in OKC. The night was full of music, excitement and high energy. 

In late November, Redd released his sixth studio album, “A Love Letter To You 4.” He later started the tour for this album in January 2020. The “Love Me More Tour” had a variety of opening acts including Kodie Shane, Chris King and Hnrzhunter. 

The doors opened at 7 p.m. but the performers did not start until 8 p.m. After two hours of the opening acts, Redd finally came out and it was worth the wait. He opened with Leray, which was the intro to his recent album. Redd continued to play some songs off of his latest album, throwing in a few from his other albums for variety. 

Overall, the performance was great, but the concert environment was not suitable for kids. I had a ticket to the standing area and it was not safe at all. Everyone was in such tight quarters that it was almost impossible to move. Because of this, people were passing out in the crowd. At one point, my friend and I were shoved against the railing.

In addition to the confined space, many people were smoking weed. After being in that area for 30 minutes, I became really sick and had to leave. Once we left the crowd, we went to the bathroom, where we encountered other sick individuals. 

It was also worried me that many fans didn’t see Redd because they were passed out on the floor. This affected the concert experience a lot. I would not recommend anyone younger than a teenager to go on their own. The lack of safety was really concerning, that is something that should be prioritized at concerts.

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