Challenges of sports in the covid era



Coach wearing a mask while coaching his wrestlers.

Makinzy Todd, Memorial Staff Writer

Sports fans all around the world are in an emotional turmoil as they struggle with their need to watch their favorite sports teams, while also wanting the players to be safe in this COVID-19 era. Although this is a national problem affecting professional teams, it has drastically changed school sports as well.

“It has been hard adapting to the new way of things,” girls soccer coach Byron Gutierrez said. “A big coaching change has been not building relationships with my players on a daily basis.”

Memorial soccer players are currently facing the challenge of not having the ability to practice with anyone outside of their assigned A or B schedule. This is causing the players to not be able to bond with their teammates. 

“It has been really difficult not being able to practice with my whole team,” junior Madi Rightmire said. “I know this will affect our chemistry in the future because we don’t have the chance to bond like we have in past years.”

Not only are the teams themselves affected, so are the fans. 

For all high school football games, fans are required to pre-purchase tickets either at lunch or in the finance office due to a limited number of seats. All attendees must be seated six feet apart and wear masks at all times. The stadium seats are marked with stickers to ensure social distancing.

“I’m just lucky that I am a junior so I will at least have more time to experience hopefully a couple of normal school games before I graduate,” Rightmire said.

New regulations have made the cheer and pom girls change their routines as the school requires them to wear masks during performances but the NCAA, which decides the rules for the squads, has decided that the girls cannot wear a mask while tumbling. The squads are now being forced to follow the school board and NCAA regulations during this time which has required a massive change in routines.

“We have to have our temperatures taken, get hand sanitizer and wear masks until we arrive in the cheer room,” junior Skye Lucas said. “We also have to wear masks on the sidelines.”

Teams who go into the weight room for conditioning practices are required to wear masks which makes working out difficult and more tiring than ever before.

This pandemic has changed the world we live in and has impacted everyone’s lives. Whether it’s work, school, sports or anything in between, nothing is safe from COVID-19.


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