Nobody Loves Wallows (Like We Do)


Photo Provided

Indie rock band, Wallows films the music video for their quarantine made song, Nobody Gets Me (Like You).

Anna Baustert, Copy Editor

Sept. 9 indie rock band, Wallows, released a new single titled “Nobody Gets Me (Like You).” The band consists of three members: Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette and Cole Preston. 

This is the lead single off their upcoming quarantine-made episode (EP) “Remote,” which will come out Oct. 23. “Nobody Gets Me” has a connected storyline with another Wallows song, “OK.” The two music videos are set up so that “Nobody Gets Me” picks up where “OK” left off. 

Both videos embody all of the classic 90s and early 2000s teen comedy tropes. In “OK” the trio makes a psychedelic fast food trip on their way to their friend Schaefer’s party. In the new video, they finally arrive at the party. While there, the lead vocalist, Lemasters pines for love. Shortly after, he finds the girl of his dreams: himself in a wig. The rest of the video showcases them falling in love before the party is abruptly interrupted by the new couple being abducted and the revelation that their lives exist on a curly fry in outer space. 

In order for the band to be able to produce these music videos safely they made sure to follow safety guidelines. They had a small group of their friends tested, who were interspersed with mannequins and cardboard cutouts. This was to maintain the illusion of an actual party, without actually putting anyone in harm’s way. 

Nobody Gets Me” serves as a teaser for the group’s upcoming six-song EP, which will be a collection that is entirely recorded in quarantine due to Covid-19 pandemic. The group was skeptical at first with the idea of the three of them working and recording separately, but they quickly adapted. 

Despite the constant setbacks, Lemasters, Minnette and Preston are more than ecstatic to be back writing and recording music. Their fans are beyond excited as well for their upcoming releases.