Ariana Grande switches up “Positions”


Avery Hamlin, Editor

Ariana Grande released a new pop album titled “Positions” Oct. 30 following her 2019 release “thank u, next.” Her 2019 album was released right after her engagement scandal with actor/comedian Pete Davidson. The post-breakup energy continues from “thank u, next” to the 2020 “Positions.” 

Sultry and passionate are two of many adjectives to describe the mood set in this album. Grande listeners are used to her powerful female vocals and confident attitude that makes up her brand, but “Positions” is the first time that an entire album has completely embodied fierce, sexy and powerful. 

The album title and song, “Positions” blew up on TikTok as a new trend for empowered women. The song’s topic is one typically reserved for men in the industry; following in the footsteps of Cardi B’s “WAP,” “Positions” explains that women can proudly be in the kitchen and simultaneously be a boss in the bedroom. Feminism doesn’t need to be tied down to one idea; it’s a matter of respect regardless of preferring home duties vs career. 

The first song on the album, “Shut Up,” is a perfect example of what this album embodies. Short but sweet and straight to the point, the song blocks out all toxicity with two simple words. An anthem to every eye roll is exactly the energy this song is radiating. Grande does an excellent job of taking a song that is titled “Shut Up” and establishes a mature tone. 

Another song featured on the album, “My Hair,” gives off a very R&B groovy beat that is completely new to Grande. A whole song about Grande’s hair is a fun spin on embracing a brand that she has created for herself over the years. The song as a whole is very catchy and sounds similar to the style of rapper/singer SZA. 

SZA, like Cardi B and Grande, create anthems for feminism and embrace the topics that most stray from to remain “ladylike.” These female artists trash and completely disregard “ladylike” as a powerful point to social norms. Their music and its content could be considered boycotting on its own. Now, there are plenty of other female artists following this trend and it is far from new. But still, it’s an important matter to discuss as our world continues to change and women are still fighting for equality one step at a time. The music industry and female role models/celebrities are just one of many ways to fight back. 

“Positions” has to be Grande’s best album yet that takes on her girly-pop image in a whole new way. Grande remains true to herself and her sound while jumping outside the box with new passionate self-love energy. Every woman should  embrace the energy she has put out into the world and feel the womanly love surrounding them.