From Dawn to Dusk

Anna Baustert, Copy Editor

Lofi hip-hop singer-songwriter mxmtoon or Maia her given name released her new album “dawn & dusk” Nov. 5. Consisting of 14 songs, the album combined from her two previous EPs “dawn” and “dusk.” Both of the two EPs put together represent a distinct part of her artistry, balancing effervescence with self-reflection. They stand out with their calming tones, representing both the calamity and contemplation that infiltrate teenage life. 

Throughout the album, Maia stays true to her roots with her vibrant ukulele in the first few songs, which creates a relaxing yet catchy sound. The captivating sound is showcased in many of her songs, such as “ok on your own” that features Carly Rae Jepsen. Their voices complement each other remarkably as well as disguising the morose undertones of a breakup with energetic beats. 

On the opposite side of the musical spectrum is another one of Maia’s songs, “wallflower.” This song shows what it is like for her to look back when she started in the music industry as an introvert. Although Maia is extremely grateful for her fanbase, she sometimes wishes that she could step back from the spotlight and watch everything go by. 

By doing so, she introduces another important theme within her work, reflection. In the second verse the artist sulks she “could sit and stay outside and watch the thunder clouds.” This refers to her being able to step back from all the stress and simply observe before being sucked back into the pressure of life. 

One of the most important songs in the album is “show and tell,” because while being stuck at home, unable to do much, she preaches that it is okay to not be productive and wish for normalcy to return. Maia has managed to craft a song that everyone has been able to relate to in this strange and absurd year. The first verse expresses a common feeling throughout this year, “Lately, it’s been hard to find the words” / “Just want a break, my heart seems to ache. I’m craving some normalcy.” 

Continuing on we then have the lyrics, “Show and tell is getting more mundane, no life to live or share,” which refers to how during lockdown we had very little to do, with each day becoming less exciting and harder to keep going. While the message she conveys is somewhat bleak, it’s still comforting knowing that everyone is finding life hard at the moment. 

Overall Maia’s latest album was an inspiring success. It’s the perfect type of music to help you reminisce over this year and it’s trials and tribulations. 2020 has been a hard year, but with this album Maia lets us know that we aren’t alone in this struggle. Everything will eventually come together and work out.