Say yes to “Yes Day”


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The Torres family bonding on their Yes Day.

Kelsi Seltenreich, Memorial Staff Writer

Sometimes it seems like the only word parents know how to say to their kids is “no”. But in the Netflix original movie “Yes Day” (released March 12) the parents agree to let their kids take the wheel for the day and everything is a “yes.” The film is comedic, heartwarming and entertaining for all ages.

Parents Allison Torres (Jennifer Garner) and Carlos Torres (Edgar Ramírez) used to be considered fun and act on impulse. But when their first child Katie (Jenna Ortega) was born, they became much more uptight and it seemed the most common thing they said was “no.”

After having two more children: Nando (Julian Lerner) and Ellie (Everly Carganilla), the Torres family was growing further apart and began hating Allison for not letting them do what they wanted. It became so extreme that Katie and Nando submitted assignments at school that talked about their mom being a “fun-killer.”

After Allison realized she was no longer considered fun, she followed some advice from the school guidance counselor and decided to have a Yes Day. This meant the kids decided what to do for the whole day, (with a few parameters). The day had many surprises and it brought the family much closer.

“Yes Day” had some brilliant comedic moments, like the tater tot obsessed guidance counselor, yet also wove in a story about a family overcoming differences and coming together.

The movie’s main cast included big names, like Garner and Ortega, and even featured the singer H.E.R. appearing as herself. Each actor brought their character to life, pulling at the audience’s heartstrings. Ortega’s teenage character had an emotional breakdown, relatable to many young teens, and H.E.R. was excellent at bringing her essence into the movie while still acting and doing things she does not usually do.

While it may be cheesy with the classic family bonding adventure story, “Yes Day” is a good watch for the whole family. It is a creative display of the struggles of parenting and connections between a family, with some great laughs.


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