Memorial’s newest math teacher

Anna Baustert, Co-Editor-in-chief

Edmond Memorial High School has gained a new math teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. Courtney Smith is EMHS’s new College Algebra Prep teacher. This will be Smith’s first year teaching in a high school setting, and she is working mainly with juniors and seniors. 

However, Smith didn’t always have her eyes set on teaching math. She was originally an English teacher.

“My degree is heavily math-based, so I figured it would prove more beneficial and fun to be able to apply it to what I love,” Smith said. 

After changing her direction of teaching, Smith also decided to start moving up a few grade levels. Having taught both elementary and middle school, she was ready to take on the challenge of high school students.

“I had always wanted to teach high school students, but I was a tad hesitant,” Smith said. “When I first graduated I looked very young, and so I felt as if students weren’t going to listen to me. Now that I have been teaching long enough it is much easier.” 

Since Smith has taught at many different schools, including Heartland and Summit Middle School, and worked with multiple grade levels, she finally felt like she had developed the right experience to begin working with high school students. 

Smith had always had her heart set on teaching ever since she taught ballroom dancing. 

“I realized I had wanted to become a teacher while I was teaching ballroom dancing,” Smith said. “Being able to see certain things finally click in a student’s brain was amazing, and I loved it.” 

The endless amount of hard work and dedication that Smith has for her students and her job is exceedingly noticeable. Smith is very excited to have joined the Bulldog family and continue her love of teaching.

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