Christmas Traditions around the school


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What the people at EMHS do during the Jolliest time of year, Christmas.

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

It’s right around that time of year where everyone is in the holiday spirit. Nov and Dec are the months people remember the most with two of America’s jolliest holidays during that time of the year.

The teachers at Edmond Memorial High School all have their own ways of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.

English II and III teacher Susan Wright prefers Thanksgiving over Christmas because it’s not all about gift-giving and she doesn’t like the stresses of shopping for Christmas presents during the holiday season. She alternates between staying home and going to Pennsylvania to see her family for the holidays.

“When I was 23, I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii with my family for Christmas. It was amazing!” Wright said.

Pre-Ap English II teacher Beth Lewis loves all the holidays and loves delicious Thanksgiving pies and bright Christmas mornings. She has all of her family open their presents in a circle from youngest to oldest until all of the presents are all opened.

“I’d love to take my kids to see Santa this year. We didn’t do it last year because of COVID, so I am hoping we can make that happen this year,” Lewis said.

Memorial has some of their own traditions they celebrate; the teachers receive gifts, decorate their rooms, and do Christmas-themed activities with the students.

Not everyone celebrates these holidays. Thanksgiving, for example, is celebrated in 4 other countries. There are also other holidays people celebrate instead of Christmas like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Three Kings Day.

Students also celebrate their holidays in their own ways, like how Sophmore Kayla Long helps her grandma make deviled eggs. That is an example of those special memories that are memorable for years. Sophomore Robbie Metheny got their Wii for Christmas after wanting it so bad.

“I had to go and immediately plug it in and play it,” said Metheny.

Try to learn more about your teachers and their traditions, everyone’s quirky holidays are unique in their own way. Will any of them inspire you to change how you celebrate the best holidays all year round?

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