Fall ball or fall fail


Photo provided

Students at Memorial’s Fall Ball.

Makinzy Todd, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year: the leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is all the craze and Fall Ball is finally upon us. Nov. 13 Edmond Memorial High School held their annual Fall dance; however, this time instead of being located at another venue with an indoor option like past years, it was held under the school’s football stadium bleachers.

The other two Edmond schools opted for a Homecoming dance held in Oct. one major reasoning behind this is possibly due to the weather. Whilst the falling leaves and beautiful colors did give out a different “vibe” at the Fall Ball than the other schools had, it was freezing. This was possibly the biggest reasoning why it seemed to be more of a fall flop than a Fall Ball.

Both kinds of dances usually feature girls in short strappy dresses, while the longer more elegant dresses are left for prom. Since Fall Ball was in Nov. it left those who did dress traditionally, shivering in the middle of the dance floor, desperately attempting to become warm.

Although this was a major flaw with the dance, the most important part of a school dance, the DJ, was possibly the greatest let down of all. For the short amount of time that I could stand to be there due to the cold, the best song I heard play was “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus. A majority of the other songs played were not fitting for a school dance and did not hype me up enough to rush to the dance floor. The DJ would also repeatedly interrupt the songs right as the high point came, ruining the climax of the songs and causing many attendees to immediately stop dancing.

Another issue I had with Fall Ball was the outrageous ticket price. To be admitted into the dance that only lasted three hours, one had to pay $30, with past years being only $20. Considering most students come and go, rarely ever staying for longer than 30 minutes, the price seemed very unreasonable. I, as well as many others, essentially threw $30 down the drain. 

There were photographers walking around the venue taking pictures; however pictures taken cost an additional $10 for a digital copy and $3.99 for a printed copy. One would think that the overpriced tickets would cover at least one of these but no, one must fully break the bank if they want a picture of themselves and their friends at the dance.

Had the school elected to have a Homecoming instead of a Fall Ball, the dance could have possibly been more fitting for the student body. It would have been warmer as it would have been held in Oct. with higher temperatures.

However, even with all of these issues it was the most attended dance in recent history, blowing past sales out of the water. Considering the only dance they were given last year was a prom, I believe that the student body just wanted a sense of normalcy by attending the dance.

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