Girl Scout cookies are still delicious – but have a new price tag


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Girl Scout cookies are increasing in price, but still have the same great flavor.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

The Girl Scouts of America teach young girls the skills they will need later in life, such as managing personal finances, self-confidence and social skills. The program was founded in 1911 by Juliette Gordon Low, who intended to encourage equality and independence in young women. To support this mission, the scouts started selling cookies, which has since been an adored tradition.

One of the Girl Scout’s most iconic cookies is “Thin Mints.” These are crispy and full of flavor. With the perfect mix of chocolate and mint flavor, there’s no question as to why it is one of their bestsellers. 

Another flavor is the “Do-Si-Do’s,” a cookie with a layer of peanut butter sandwiched in between two wafers. The contrast of the crunchy and chewy makes for a delicious and simple treat. 

A classic and a tribute to the original Girl Scout cookie, the “Trefoil,” is a traditional shortbread. The simplicity of a “Trefoil” makes it hard to beat, and it is also another of the Girl Scouts bestsellers. 

“Samoas,” though not as simple as “Trefoils,” are still just as good. Featuring a crisp cookie base with caramel, coconut and a drizzle of dark chocolate, these cookies pack a punch. 

 A combination of chocolate and peanut butter can’t go wrong, which is what makes “Tagalongs” a popular seller. It features a simple biscuit base with a chocolatey coating, allowing for a basic but still tasty desert. Although these are similar to “Do-Si-Do’s,” the “Tagalongs” feature chocolate while the “Do-Si-Do’s” are just peanut butter flavored. Out of the two, “Tagalongs” are my favorite. 

Adapting to customer’s needs by creating a gluten-free option was the inspiration for the flavor “Toffee-Tastic.” A crispy, buttery cookie base with bits of toffee mixed in, these sweets are delicious and enjoyable by all. 

Based on the classic campfire dessert, “S’mores” are a delicious sandwich cookie with two graham cracker wafers and a layer of marshmallow with chocolate in between. 

“Lemon-Ups” are another cookie that features a delightful lemon biscuit with a vanilla glaze. With the perfect mix of sweet and sour, these crunchy cookies are sure to satisfy one’s taste buds. 

Last but not least, a new flavor called “Adventurefuls,” features a crispy chocolate brownie-inspired crisp with a caramel topping and chocolate drizzle. 

Due to inflation and the recent pandemic, the prices of Girl Scout cookies have gone from $3.50 to $5-$6 per box from 2012-2021. $6 dollars for a box of 16-30 small cookies seems a little high to me, but inflation has caused prices to rise all across the nation, even for the Girl Scouts. 

The Girl Scouts of America are teaching young girls to be independent and strong, while still raising funds through the five dollar per box price of the sweet treats. People can order a box either online or from a local Girl Scout sale. Each cookie has its own unique flavor, although in my opinion “Samoas” are the best. The profit raised from sales is going straight to the Girl Scout foundation and helping young girls become leaders of tomorrow.

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