The 2023 percussion spring concert was one to remember

The percussion spring concert was an excellent performance.

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The percussion spring concert was an excellent performance.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

The band program has always been an important part of Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) culture, and on April 25, EMHS percussion performed at their spring concert. All the hours of hard work these students put in, paid off with an excellent performance. 

Spending time working hard and becoming comfortable playing pieces is essential to a great show, and it is clear percussion did just that. 

“For the last two years, we have been running a different schedule during our first hour that allows us to have the percussion for the majority of the time,” EMHS percussion director Kevin Mcdonald said. “We have had a lot of extra time to work on preparing music and getting them the rehearsal time that they need to be successful.”

Concerts are not only a time to show off one’s hard work and dedication, but also an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the music. 

“I really enjoyed playing in the concert. I have a deep passion for music and the performing arts, and to be able to play in an event where percussion is the main focus was amazing,” an EMHS percussion member Blake Wylie said. 

While being a lively place for the performers, concerts are also an enjoyable time for the viewer, especially since it allows one to show some school spirit by attending these performances. 

“I loved the different variations of music they had and the different instruments and woodwinds that they used to make it happen,” sophomore Madison Brown said.

Performances such as these are also a learning experience for those involved and can be used to improve in the future. 

“Now that we’ve seen what they’re capable of by pulling off a successful 1 hour 40 minute concert, I think the big thing that we can do as staff is to challenge them more by increasing the level of difficulty. Anytime you increase that, it requires more diligence and more preparation before we get to rehearsals,” Mcdonald said. 

The 2023 EMHS percussion spring concert was nothing short of an excellent performance, especially with the different songs that spanned many musical genres. It was amazing to see how much hard work was put into creating such great results, and I would definitely recommend attending the school’s concerts throughout the year to not only show support but enjoy the show.

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