Madison Rightmire: paintball above all

Makinzy Todd, Memorial Staff Writer

Madison Rightmire, a freshman at Edmond Memorial, is not only dedicated to balancing her school work, orchestra and soccer but to top it all off, she is a paintballer and referee at Avid Extreme Sports, a paintballing park located in Guthrie and Newcastle.

Through working and playing at the park she has gained experiences to last a lifetime, from cookouts to games to friendships, to even going out of state to places like Illinois, Missouri, and Texas for scenario games.

“I do these things called scenario games where it’s a 26 hour paintball match,” Rightmire said. “There can be from a wide range of 500 people on a team to a thousand people depending on how many show up. They’re really fun, especially if you’re playing with friends.”  

The game definitely isn’t for those afraid of a little bruising, but it is certainly a sport for those who want a little competition and a way to release their aggression. Her dad Dave Rightmire is her manager at Avid Extreme Sports and has played a key role in her success within the sport.

“The sport is not dangerous, we actually have a wide age range of kids who play,” Dave said. “There’s actually nothing that could seriously happen because we have a lot of safety measures in place. The worst thing that could happen is if someone fell and hurt themself.”

Rightmire goes by the name “Fighting Unicorn” when playing and as a tradition, wears a unicorn onesie that, although filled with paint stains, is a recognizable sign that she is about to play. Due to her age, the older players know there are certain things they can’t say when she is around, and because of this, she also goes by the name “Illegal” when out on the combat field.

Her chosen sport takes a certain willingness to be outgoing, which she has had to develop, but with each game comes a little growth in personality as well as skill.

She has the unwavering support of her parents through whatever she is doing, whether it’s paintball, soccer or anything she decides to do in the future.

“It brings me joy to see her running around with people that she never would have met by not playing,” Dave said.

Paintballing has not only influenced Rightmire and her family, it has affected those around her as well.

“I hadn’t ever gone paintballing before I met Madison, but she has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I’m glad I have gone with her,” freshman Camren Gregory said.

Rightmire is excited for her future in paintball and is ready for what is to come. She has a scenario game called Mob Wars May 3 in Guthrie, Okla. and is currently preparing in hopes of having a successful game.

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