AnnE’s season finale


The long awaited season finale is finally here.

Anna Baustert, Staff Writer

Jan. 3, season three of Anne with an E was released on Netflix consisting of ten, 44 minute episodes that are guaranteed to engage you until the last second. 

The opening scene is consistent with the beautiful cinematography of the show when it opens with Anne (Amybeth McNulty) riding through the woods. 

After Anne’s ride through the woods, she arrives at their Avonlea school hockey game to discover two Mi’kmaq Indians that sell hockey sticks to the members of the hockey team. This leads into one of the many topics that are introduced this season, including bullying, gender parity, feminism and discrimination. 

Throughout the first few episodes, the audience can see the obscure amounts of discrimination between the town and Native Americans. In episode three, the government opens up a residential school for the Indians in Halifax. The young Native American girl, Ka’Kwet (Kiawentiio Tarbell) begs her parents to let her attend, and eventually they give in. The school is run by a priest and multiple nuns. At the school, they cut the children’s hair, give them dull uniforms, strip them of their birth names and force them to assimilate into modern-day culture. 

Two other important themes portrayed here are gender parity and violation of rights. In episode seven, the city council is in a heated discussion of whether the students should be allowed to continue the Avonlea Gazette or not. The council decided that the students can keep the paper if they follow a strict guideline of what they can and can’t write. Rachel Lynde (Corrine Koslo) tries to argue against this action, but was outvoted since the board is heavily male based. This causes Rachel to constantly be outvoted and never have her opinions voiced. This decision made by the council leads the students into a protest to win back the newspaper. This is an important lesson and theme that many teens in the real world can learn from. Most adults in this day overlook what children support and believe in. They shouldn’t be forced to conform to what their parents want, they should conform to what they want in order to grow up to be an independent adult. 

Sadly, Nov. 25, CBC and Netflix announced that there will not be a fourth season of Anne With an E. Fans went into a frenzy at this announcement and started the trending tag #renewannewithane on Twitter and Instagram. It is unknown whether CBC or Netflix will bend on the verdict and decide to renew the show, but every opportunity to stream counts while it’s still here. Make sure to tune in and watch, as the season was certainly worth the wait.

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