Librarian assistant turned computer lab facilitator

Lathan Pearce, Staff Writer

Many people around Edmond Memorial High School already know who Karen Davis is. She was the Assistant Librarian for almost two decades at Central Middle School. After many years of being an Assistant Librarian at Central, Davis decided to start her next journey as a Computer Lab Facilitator here at Memorial. 

“I already barcoded books when they come in, so there’s not any difference over here,” Davis said.

 As an assistant librarian, she was used to scanning in hundreds if not thousands of books each year for students, so she already had plenty of experience working with books.

“I check out class sets to teachers, textbooks to students, brand new textbooks that just got here and I have to  get barcoded in,” Davis said.

A computer lab facilitator has many responsibilities throughout the school. Not only do they have to barcode new textbooks to the system but also have to check out the now barcoded textbooks to students and teachers. 

In addition, Davis has to help students with their Chromebook problems, which is something she never had to deal with as a Library Assistant. 

One thing that probably goes under the radar is the fact that she sets up the online calendar for the school in addition to the Bulldog Blast. If it doesn’t make it to the school calendar, almost no one will ever hear about it, so this is a big responsibility. 

“I have gotten more emails in a day than I’ ve ever gotten in 19 years over there,” Davis said.

Davis is ready to take on this new chapter in her life. She has always enjoyed staying busy, she even works a second job at Kohl’s in the evening. She’s had many experiences as an assistant librarian that will help guide her to be an amazing computer lab facilitator here at Memorial.

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