Groovy isn’t grooving anymore


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Discord’s recent Groovy debacle shakes Discord users

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

As of Aug. 30, Groovy, the music bot on Discord, went offline. So what caused the end of Groovy and what is the plan for Discord

Discord was originally created for playing games and chatting with friends, but as time went on, new uses for it began to appear, such as the new academic feature opened so you can join clubs and study groups within your school. Features like this open new opportunities for a variety of people to connect to Discord, not just within the gaming community. 

Before this, Discord developed bots, which are add-ons that could do tasks within the chosen server. One bot that gained popularity was Groovy Bot, which was a streaming music bot. Whenever someone joined the voice call, they could use a simple slash command to play a song. Many users have said that other music bots are complicated, but Groovy was more simple. 

Many accounts have said that they preferred Groovy over other bots because of the simplicity. Anyone could play a variety of songs, as they were streamed from YouTube. Groovy’s design and use was easy because of the simple slash commands and the lesser cost of getting premium, which allowed more audio fixes. Discord statistics state that over 250 million people in discord had used Groovy.  

Recently Discord had been under fire due to Groovy violating the Terms Of Service of YouTube. According to a YouTube spokesperson, Groovy had changed YouTube’s service and used it for commercial purposes, and that affected YouTube’s advertising. Discord had just accepted that shutting Groovy off was the best option; there was no way to fight it. Although not many people knew of Groovy being deactivated, Discord made the announcement that it was to shut down on Aug. 30, with no chance of returning. 

Now that Groovy is no longer active, other music bots are being used more frequently. Unfortunately, another popular bot is also being taken down. Rythm was deemed the most used bot on discord and now is being removed. 

People all over the internet have aired their grievances with the loss of Groovy. This even frustrated users. It had been the easier and better bot throughout its time, but now Discord users must move on and accept that nothing can be done now. The service provided by the bot had lived long and will be missed. 

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