2021 Swine Week theme


Announcement of the Swine Week theme

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

The 2020 Swine Week theme was a creative spinoff of the cult favorite tv show, “Loony Toons” called PiggyToons. Swine week since 1986, has had many various themes, such as the 2019 Dr. Sooie & Alice & Wonderland.

Swine Week began as a group of students raising money for a friend in need. We have themes to bring something unique to every year,& encourage the student body to engage in school spirit. The principal approved of it and even agreed to kiss a pig to help raise money. 

This year, the two options for Swine Week’s theme were “Pigeo-Games” and “Back in Swine.” Pigeo-Games will Showcase decoration. Dress-up days & assemble all revolved around video games, (the source of entertainment taking storm over the world for over 20 years.) 

The other choice for this year was “Back in Swine” which would make a piggy twist ongoing into the past to explore different aspects, like fashion and music.

Of both choices, the student chosen theme for this year is Pigeo-Games, a tour throughout the world of video games such as Super Mario Bros, Cool Math Games and many others. 

“There is so many creative ideas that our decoration chairs have come up with and I cannot wait for the student body to see it!” said Mia Holliman

Other themes of Swine Week include “Pigelodeon” from 2009, “Hoggy Potter” in 2011 and “Pigtendo” from 2015.

One of the more popular themes to be chosen was “Swinecraft”, which wasn’t chosen by StuCo in the end. This year’s theme of “Pigeo Games” might have been the replacement of the “Swinecraft” theme that was in high demand.

Memorial students have raised over seven million dollars for charity over the past 36 years. Last year, they raised over $600,000 for the HALO Project, which is about healing foster children and adopted families.

Every year, Student Council chooses a local nonprofit charity, and this year Memorial has chosen The CARE Center for this year’s swine week. 

The CARE Center is providing healing to children who have dealt with sexual assault & preventing abuse around Oklahoma. They give the education to identify child abuse and prevent it.

For more information about this year’s Swine week, check out the CARE Centers website or Instagram page if you are interested in their cause.

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