Ted Lasso: a must-watch comedy


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Wholesome Comedy ‘Ted Lasso’ just wrapped up season two and is slated for a third.

Lathan Pearce, Staff Writer

Football turned soccer coach Ted Lasso is sweeping over the nation right now in the wholesome comedy with eight Emmy nominations called “Ted Lasso

“Ted Lasso,” directed by Zach Braff, is back for a second season streaming only on Apple TV+.  The hit show follows Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), a college football coach, who moves to England to coach the more well-known football over there, our soccer. 

Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) is hoping to ruin Richmond, the club she now exclusively owns, after a divorce from her ex-husband (Anthony Head). She hires Lasso to coach soccer for the club her ex-husband used to own. The plan is somewhat successful, with Richmond being regulated down to a lesser league.

Season two starts off with the newly regulated Richmond being on an unprecedented seven game tie-streak and are stuck looking for ways to set their record straight. 

The comedy in “Ted Lasso” is a bit mature but very engaging and wholesome. There is plenty of drama throughout the show, but it’s all used to make the show more “feel good.” The writing just does a great job of blending the comedy in with the drama. There are moments that have a darker, more solemn feel through the show, but there are exponentially more comedic moments.

The characters in the show are what makes it stand out. The actors are phenomenal, with seven of the before-mentioned eight Emmy nominations between them. It’s impressive the levels of immersion one can feel due to the exceptional acting

Lasso is a beloved character who was first introduced to the masses through a commercial NBC Sports used to promote the airing of Premier League Football in 2013. People really enjoyed the concept of the commercial and seven years later, it resulted in a TV show. Sudekis does an amazing job portraying Lasso, a very eccentric character, who’s wacky pep talks can really teach anyone a quality lesson. 

One of the fan-favorite characters in the show is Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), an older veteran player of the club. One of the reasons Goldstein plays his role so well is he helped write the role. When they were looking for actors to play the role of Kent, Goldstein, who was already contributing to the writing of the show, realized he would be perfect. 

Additionally, the soundtrack for the show is great. Marcus Mumford and the show’s composer, Tom Howe, wrote the song that opens the show every episode. It’s catchy and has a nice feel that relates to the theme of the plot. 

Ted Lasso is one of the most talked about comedies out right now, so it’s no surprise that it’s already slated for a season three. It’s likely to come out in August 2022, so there’s still a year to catch up on the series. With tremendous characters, humor and story, Ted Lasso should be a must-watch for anyone.  

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