Battle Royale: Teachers vs Students addition


Caroline Goza

The second Swine Week assembly had much to offer with it’s teacher vs student format.

Lathan Pearce, Staff Writer

The second assembly of Edmond Memorial High School’s Swine Week had a lot to offer, with the theme of teachers vs students. There was a multitude of different types of events for everyone in the gym to enjoy. In the end, the students prevailed with a score of 21 to three.

The assembly started off with the National Anthem as always, performed by Marybeth Singleton. After the National Anthem, a representative spoke about the Common Thread sponsor, Limbs for Life. Students then won the bench pressing competition, which resulted in the students gaining the first point. 

After the bench press competition, the teachers and the students competed in small games leading up to the main event. First was the dodgeball match, between a group of teachers and the previous dodgeball champions: the varsity baseball boys. After the long-fought battle with only one student left, the game ended in a win for the teachers. 

In between the dodgeball game and the basketball game was a small game where teachers and students were blindfolded and tasked with sitting in chairs that were scattered around the gym and taken away after every round much like musical chairs. It ended in another point for the students. 

When musical chairs ended, it was time for the main event: the basketball game. It was a close game all throughout the first quarter, with the students only up by a few points when the buzzer sounded.

 During halftime, the teachers provided the entertainment, with teachers doing performing their own different choreographed dances with their departments. 

“You get to be silly, have fun with students for a good cause,” English teacher Beth Lewis said.

The second half of the game was where the students really took over thanks to the heroics of a couple of key players. Austin Miller took over to start the half, with huge baskets including two three-pointers and a dunk. 

“I was a little out of it in the first half after my hard fall, so I knew I had to step up in the second half. It was super fun to go on that huge run in front of my classmates,” Miller said. “But, by far, my favorite part was the support I received after the game.”

The basketball game was a fun event that had almost everyone in the arena on their feet. The teachers who competed in the game also had a lot of fun, including history teacher Justin Buckner who participated on the team of teachers.

“I love the spirited competition between the teachers and students. My goal every year is to at least make a shot, which I did this year,” Buckner said. 

After the basketball game came an academic event where Carson Crull got another point for the students.        

Following the academic event, there were two messier events, including a tug-a-war over a pool of barbeque sauce and a wrestling match in a pool of barbeque sauce which both ended in student wins. 

The second Swine Week assembly had many diverse events that kept everyone in the gym excited and loud. Whether it was cheering fellow students on or favorite teachers, everyone had someone to root for while helping raise money. 

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