“It’s for the kids”


Caroline Goza

Bulldog dares leave students with bad haircuts

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

Swine Week has once again rolled around at Edmond Memorial High School. Alongside activities like dress up days and assemblies, dog dares have created quite an uproar. 

Bulldog dares are always something people talk about, especially if they were something outrageous. Dares like dyeing or cutting hair are most common, but they can range depending on whatever the volunteer goes for. Of course to do a dare someone would have to be willing to do something either insane or embarrassing, and if enough money is raised by the audience to do so then the person may make a big sacrifice. 

Dares usually range from doing mildly interesting things while the most is doing something that’ll most likely make you sick. Things like shaving a head or eyebrows were done. Dyeing hair also happens quite often, many choosing to dye their hair pink. Then more crazy and hilarious things start to happen. Some students eat foods that make them sick or even require them to take laxatives.  One dare was for two students to do the cinnamon challenge. Usually if dares are consuming foods or bad tasting things, they always have a trash can nearby just in case since many people usually puke after. 

In past Swine Weeks, students of course have gotten hurt a couple times but nothing too bad. One year someone had their leg waxed and ended up having a really bad rash which brought waxing to an end, but either way the money was still put towards a good cause. Of course teachers do make sure that the dares don’t put peoples lives at risk, but there is normally nothing too extreme being done. 

As some dares can be dangerous, the people orchestrating the dares had a slogan to bring in more people: “It’s for the kids”. The slogan does have a nice ring to it and definitely sticks with people, especially when everyone is saying it in the halls, during class, and during lunch when dares are actually being done. 

Dares always bring in a good amount of money, ranging from $20 – $50. All the money raised is given to the CARE Center Charity, so students feel good to contribute to the dares, even if it’s just giving a couple dollars. It’s all for a good cause since it provides support for kids being abused in homes. 

Whether or not someone does a dare, contributing would be a big help to the cause and help many kids in the future. Always remember, “It’s for the kids”. 

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