Extended school days


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Because of the snow days, Edmond Public Schools is extending the school day.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

Due to the recent ice storm causing more inclement weather days than planned for, the Edmond School Board had to find a way to make up for it. They could add more days to the end of year or add time onto the existing number of days. The Board decided to extend the time of the existing days. They have also made the decision to make April Day a virtual day instead of having the day off. 

As decided, they added five minutes to the beginning of the day and five minutes to the end of day. This decision could interfere with peoples’ before and after school routines. If someone has an after school job, they might be late due to the added time to the school day. The same goes for if someone has after school activities.

Although this new schedule may cause some difficulties, the pros outweigh the cons. Pros of the added time is that there will not be days added to the end of the school year. Therefore, this may be helpful to those whose families have vacations or trips planned right when the school year ends. Say they had added days to the end of the school year, the school days would have interfered with the family’s plans. Also to account for the hours needed throughout the school year, they have decided to take away advisory. Another change to class times to help acquire all necessary time is that classes are now either 55 or 60 minutes long, not just the first and last hours of the day. 

Some might not like the new school time change, but I think it is a good idea considering the other option. Most likely we will be able to adjust to the added time and it won’t cause any major problems. After all, it is only ten minutes, which is a very small amount of time. Although this new schedule change may be a little tricky to work around at first, I think at the end of the year we will be glad that we didn’t have to add extra days to the school year after all. 

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