Epic battle of Upperclassmen vs. Underclassmen


Caroline Goza

The upperclassmen v underclassmen assembly features a multitude of grotesque competitions

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

It’s day four of Edmond Memorial High School’s Swine Week on Thursday, March 10. The assembly is a competition between the upperclassmen and the underclassmen hosted in the gym during 5th hour.

The assembly started with Take Note singing the National Anthem. Before the competitions began, StuCo gave a presentation about what the CARE Center does and how they help lessen child abuse in Oklahoma.

Competitions began with a baby food table pong competition and the upperclassmen won the baby food table pong competition. Then it was a milk chug contest and the underclassmen won the milk jug competition, (with people puking their guts out since many participating in the milk chug contest being lactose intolerant).

After, the seniors were auctioned off for thousands of dollars. Molly Rops even got asked out for prom, which was accepted and they kissed on stage.

The next event was dyeing hair and beards pink. Designs ranged from dyeing the whole head to dyeing polka-dots, like what Bennett Bickle decided to do. Then, StuCo began shaving the heads of more students. Interestingly, when StuCo started to shave the hair off the participant’s head, one of the razors died. They had shaved one strip on the top of his head and had to wait until lunch dares to shave the rest of it off.

The last event of the assembly was the chicken toss, where the contestants had to take a bite out of a rotisserie chicken and throw it to their partner until one team ate the whole chicken, and it ended with chicken all over the ground. The upperclassmen won even though the underclassmen remained closely behind to finishing the rotisserie chicken.

“In terms of how close the chicken was to being finished, by the end, it was basically gone with just a little bit of meat left,” said Nathan Javaheri. 

This is the first true Swine Week for freshmen & sophomores (because of COVID-19 restrictions). They had never seen the full potential of Edmond Memorial High School’s ability in making a difference. But this year’s Swine Week has been more eventful than the past two years and has brought back the school spirit that unites everyone together to raise money for a great cause.

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