Sharee Butler’s impact on Memorial


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Butler has thoroughly impacted students at Memorial time and time again for over 20 years.

Ian Humphreys, Staff Writer

Sharee Butler is one of Edmond Memorial High School’s (EMHS) cafeteria staff who has been working at Memorial for over 20 years in different capacities. However, this will be her last year here at Memorial. She has always found ways to spread kindness whether it be as a custodian or working in the lunch line.

Her supportive nature and fun sense of humor is infectious to those around her,” Head Principal Anthony Rose said.

Having a caring personality has brought an extremely good reputation among teachers and other staff. She has built a reputation of making sure new teachers have everything they need including new desks, supplies, podiums and more. Being a brand new teacher and walking into an unfamiliar building, and a new classroom with very little working supplies is a nightmare, but Butler makes sure that this does not become a reality.

“We greatly appreciate all Sharee has done for the school, our students and our staff,” Rose said.

The environment at EMHS is one of the reasons why she has stayed at this school for so long. All of the kindness that she hands out comes right back to her.

I love the friendliness,” Butler said. “The students and teachers are all family to me.”

Unfortunately, her career at Memorial ends after this year. Her husband passed away in 2021 and she is ready to move on from her job. Even though she will be gone, her impact and personality will stay with the school forever.

“She is just an awesome person and will be missed greatly,” head custodian Anthony Hopkins said.

Being enjoyable to work with, having a good work ethic, spreading kindness and being very smart all at once is very difficult to do, yet she has managed to do it all.

She has worked in the cafeteria for a number of years and worked as a custodian for a number of years, as well,” Rose said. “ She understands what it means to be a Bulldog.”

After all of Butler’s years at Memorial, she only has two words of advice to any students and staff. They are to be friendly. These two words not only mean to be kind, but to reach out and go above and beyond for other people. This is how Butler has managed to help create not only her community, but Memorial’s community.

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