Experienced teacher Kelly Middendorf joins the staff


Miller Davis

Advanced Placement U.S. History teacher Kelley Middendorf

Lathan Pearce, Staff Writer

With the departure of Dalton Savage, there’s a new Advanced Placement U.S. History teacher, Kelley Middendorf, to collaborate with Emily Busey. Middendorf also teaches Government here at Memorial and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in education.

Middendorf has been teaching for 27 years, five years at private institutions with 22 in public education in a multitude of subjects. She’s taught all over Oklahoma, in places like Piedmont, Putnam City and Yukon. The aspect of teaching that keeps Middendorf locked in is the kids.

New rooms have been added with the construction around the Welcome Center being completed this year. Middendorf’s room is in this new deluxe section and she’s been loving it. The only thing she doesn’t love is being a little bit isolated due to the small, secluded nature of what is the lowest floor in the building.

“I love it, it’s gorgeous, and the smart board is super amazing,” Middendorf said.

Middendorf was hired for the job while in Italy a week before the start of school, so the transition has been a little tougher than previous years. However, through this, she has been appreciative of how supportive her coworkers have been.

 “The teachers have been very helpful, and rays of sunshine,” Middendorf said. 

Through the first few days of school Middendorf has begun to think highly of the students’ politeness and humor. She is excited to teach history here at Memorial.

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