Memorials new Spanish teacher, Rachel Darks


Gabe Kindt

Spanish teacher Rachel Darks

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

Many Bulldogs that are enrolled in Spanish this year may have one of Edmond Memorial High School’s newest teachers, Rachel Darks. She is now one of the Spanish I and II teachers for Memorial (EMHS).

“Before this, I taught at Central Middle School for six years teaching Spanish I, and History and at Cimarron Middle School for five years, ” Darks said

She moved from Central to Memorial because they are slowly phasing Spanish out of the middle schools. Instead of students having one Foreign Language class in middle school and one in high school to fill their college credits, they will now have to obtain both credits from the high schools.

“I was told that I can either teach 8th grade Literacy or keep teaching Spanish and come to the high school, so I chose to stick with Spanish,” Darks said.

Darks received her education at Emporia State University in Kansas. She originally went for Accounting as her major then switched to Math Education. She ended up taking Spanish classes for fun while trying to complete her math education. While doing this, she found her love for Spanish and Social Studies. 

“Calculus and differential math was a little tough and I was worried about failing, so I decided to switch to Social Studies education and Spanish education,” Darks said.

In between teaching at Cimarron and Central, Darks would take care of her kids. Enjoying time with her family, being outdoors, and playing sports are some of Dark’s favorite pastimes outside of school hours. Doing things such as kayaking and hiking is what Darks enjoys most.

Darks is enjoying her stay so far at EMHS and can’t wait to see what happens the rest of this year at our school.

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