Ten pins down

Eric is determined to bowl well and become a professional.

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Eric is determined to bowl well and become a professional.

Anna Frazier, Staff Writer

There are many athletic individuals at Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS). One particular student plays a sport that stands out of the ordinary. Senior Eric Jones began bowling at nine-years-old and has grown exceptionally in his talent, becoming the youngest professional bowler in the Professional Bowlers Association.

Jones has been captivated with bowling ever since his early elementary days, with inspiration from the internet. 

“I saw a bowling trick shot video on YouTube when I was around nine that made me really interested in the sport,” Jones said.

Like any other sport, rolling the ball down the lane takes skill to know the best way to make a strike. After years of practice, Jones finds it enjoyable to try and master.

“I love the mental aspect of it. Learning and understanding little tricks in the way I think about things is very fascinating to me,” Jones said.

Having support from family members can help make a difference in the way the game is played. 

“My dad has always been incredibly supportive of what I want to do with my time, so having him behind me 100 percent of the time makes me want to do well,” Jones said. 

Jones’ dad, Heath Jones has watched as he has strived to do better ever since he began as a child. He continues to encourage him to this day. 

“Does he always win, does he always strike? No. But, he always comes back each day striving to be better. Eric has fire in his belly to bowl better everyday to win and be the best,” Heath said.

To be the best he can, Jones works on techniques at least once a day. This is so that he can do well in his journey to becoming a professional. 

“I practice mostly every day for one-two hours. I usually either work on shooting spares or trying to tweak physical things in my game,” Jones said. 

This sport usually takes place at a bowling alley, but for Jones, he owns one right on property. Jaxon Stafford, a friend of his, mentions it.

“He made a whole setup in his backyard to practice, it’s kind of impressive,” Stafford said. 

There are many different talents across EMHS. Bowling came naturally to Jones from a young age, which has brought him to achieve many things and more in the future.


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