Homecoming dress up days: At least it’s not jersey day


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Another year of Homecoming dress-up days and Memorial has yet to impress students with fun and exciting dress up days.

Hailey Paddock, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This year at Edmond Memorial High School, the Homecoming dress-up days were not as creative and fun as the students were hoping. The dress-up week only lasted three days, which included: Nerdy North, Greek life (frat vs. sorority) and the official shirt. 

Memorial played against Edmond North High School, the rival school, for the Homecoming game so two out of the three days were based upon something to do with the opposing school. 

Starting off with Wednesday’s Nerdy North, which Memorial has every year, most students did not dress correctly, as they wore North cheer outfits or others just wore glasses with tape. This day I would rate a six out of ten, and my least favorite dress-up day, because honestly, how does one even dress in Nerdy North?

The next day was Greek life (frat vs. sorority), and I actually enjoyed this theme. Many girls dressed as frat guys and most of the boys dressed how they normally would, which suited the frat vibe. As for others, some wore sorority shirts, skirts and glitter on their faces. Overall this was my favorite day and would rate an eight out of ten.

The last day of Homecoming was the official t-shirt. The shirt included two football helmets, one from Memorial and one from North, with the classic college gameday design. The shirts were more centered for the male audience and truthfully the shirts that just had the words “Beat North” from last year were better looking. I would rate this dress-up day a seven out of ten. 

Instead of having these dress-up days, the school should fully commit to the college Bedlam theme. Although Greek life did suit the Bedlam ideal, Nerdy North did not. A better option would be to dress up as one’s favorite college or Bedlam: OU (University of Oklahoma) vs OSU (Oklahoma State University). Even doing white-out as a dress-up day, instead of just the Homecoming shirt, could lead to more people dressing up for that day because students wouldn’t have to purchase anything unless they wanted to.

One positive thing to say about the dress-up days for this week is that there was not a jersey day, which most students despise. Although the themes for this year’s homecoming week were not the best, there is plenty of other dress-up weeks left for redemption.  


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