Crazy for Cava


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Cava has brought flavor, variety and healthy options to Edmond.

Kelsi Seltenreich, Managing Editor

Edmond, Okla. has much more flavor now that the Mediterranean restaurant chain, Cava, has opened. The Edmond location has been busy and successful in its first few months open.

After buying out Zoës Kitchen, Cava began rapidly expanding. Instead of keeping all the Zoës Kitchen locations open and managing them, Cava has been converting many of the old locations into more Cava locations, at a cost far lower than if they built from scratch. The Cava location in Edmond opened in April, following the trend of taking the place of the old Zoës Kitchen.

Cava has a wide variety of food options. Customers can have bowls or pita wraps as their entree and can either customize their own or choose a chef-curated meal. There are many flavorful options for the content of these entrees. The grains to choose from in the bowl are RightRice, Brown Rice, Black Lentils, or my favorite: Saffron Basmati Rice. Among the grain options offered there are flavorful and smart options for everyone. The RightRice is unique since it is made of 90% vegetables, providing a healthier but tasty option. They also have a wide variety of spreads, proteins, toppings and dressings to choose from to put in the bowl and pita wrap, allowing customers to create a meal perfectly designed for them.

In addition to these entrees, Cava has several sides and a unique drink menu. The Edmond location’s current unique drinks are Strawberry Citrus, Blueberry Lavender and Cucumber Mint Lime. Each of these have a pop of flavor not traditionally combined that come together to make a delicious drink.

Cava is set up similarly to Qdoba, as you can either order online or go through the line and watch your meal come together live. Thanks to the fast-paced and personable team, people eating at Cava don’t have to worry about unnecessarily long lines, at least not inside the restaurant.

Due to the Edmond Cava being in Bryant Square, driving there leads to long stops and frustration because of the construction on Bryant Avenue. If traffic is an issue, customers could also try the location near Dick’s Sporting Goods in OKC for an easier drive.

Overall, Cava is the perfect choice for a meal that is quick, tasty, and healthier than most other fast food, and Oklahomans are excited it has come to their state.

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