The Wildcats head to summer camp

The wildcats are getting some rays and singing some tunes.

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The wildcats are getting some rays and singing some tunes.

Bridget Nye, Managing Editor

As Disney+ continues to expand their movies and TV series across the platform, it can be easy to forget where it all started. Back in Nov.of 2019, a brand new streaming platform was born. Before the days of She-Hulk and live-action Pinocchio, there were very few streaming original properties. One of the brand new shows that the house of mouse was giving a shot was “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” 

The series is set in Salt Lake City, Utah. It centers around the fictional drama students of the high school that filmed the High School Musical (HSM) movies back in the 2000s. The first season is about the theater department putting on the production of HSM and the second is the students performing Beauty and the Beast for their spring musical. 

The third season that began airing earlier this summer begins with the students of East High leaving behind their school troubles and heading outside for the fresh air. The gang heads out to Calif. for an adventure at Camp Shallow Lake. 

The main characters of Ricky Bowen (Joshua Bassett), E.J. Casswell (Matt Cornett), Gina Porter (Sofia Wylie), Ashley Caswell (Julie Lester), Kourtney Greene (Dara Reneé), and Carlos Rodiguez (Frankie Rodiguez) all decided to spend their summer together at the theater camp. 

The students arrive at camp with hopes of starring in this year’s musical. They are also waiting to hear with anticipation who is the secret celebrity guest that has been rumored to make an appearance. The big twist for everyone is when Corbin Blue, who starred as Chad Danforth in HSM, comes out to make an announcement to the students. They will be the first camp to put on the production of Frozen. I loved seeing my favorite show take a part in one of the cherished movies from my childhood. Not only that, but Disney+ is going to be filming a documentary about them while they are at camp. This plot device results in all sorts of shenanigans as the theater thespians try to make this the best show ever. 

The show has always provided its viewers an outlet for seeing themselves on screen. This season was centered around discovering a better version of yourself. Greene learned how to push through her anxiety about performing a leading role. Casswell admitted that he isn’t perfect and can’t do it all. Ashley Casswell realized that she can have feelings for someone out of the ordinary and Porter realized who she has liked this entire time. It should tell the audience that everyone can grow and develop as time goes on. 

One of the main cast members who took a step back this season is the Grammy winning singer Olivia Rodrigo. With Rodrigo only returning as a guest star this time due to the beginning of her “Sour” tour, it was a little disappointing not seeing Nini Salazar-Roberts with the rest of the campers. But, she did have a very sweet moment where we see not only the character, but also the actress realize that it is okay to need a new start. 

The show references past Disney Channel movies such as Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, as well as all three HSM movies. Between breaking into the songs and watching the movies during the camp’s downtime, it was a fun way to bring back memories of these classic films. 

Overall this season was better than I thought it would be. After feeling disappointed from season two, I was looking forward to the new episodes hoping they would draw me back into the show. IMDB rated the show an average of 7.7/10 and I believe it was an accurate score. 

With season four already in development and the creators confirming there will be a HSM reunion in the plot, we can only hope to see it in real life. The students have a lot in store for their senior year at East High, so buckle up wildcats, the show is just getting started. 

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