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Memorial defeats Santa Fe, making the Bulldogs the City Champions

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Memorial defeats Santa Fe, making the Bulldogs the City Champions

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

Edmond Memorial High School (Bulldogs) is now the city champions high school football team in Edmond, after beating Santa Fe (Wolves) on Friday, Sept. 23 at our home stadium with a score of 40-33, ending their winning streak. Memorial also beat North (Huskies) in a previous game on Sept. 9. 

Coach Logan Thomas has been the head coach for the football team since 2017, after being the assistant coach for four years. Thomas was very excited about this win and the accomplishments that all the players have made for the first part of the season.

“It was great to have the win over Santa Fe and to be City Champs. Our kids were excited to accomplish something that not been done around here since 2014,” Thomas said.

Training has been excellent for all of the football players and preparing for the next season. They are confident that they will win more games like these in the coming months. Thomas thinks that the Bulldogs have a chance of winning more games like the game against Santa Fe.

“These guys prepare each week to win, and it has been paying off for them lately,” said Thomas

Linebacker Markell Johnson was one of the major players in the game, he gave the defensive team more breathing room to relax and focus on defending against Santa Fe. He continued to excel on the field throughout the game and led the team to victory.

“This is a big accomplishment, not just for me, but for our team and coaches,” Johnson said.

Defensive Lineman Robert Dunham was one of the players that made a major play that won the game for Memorial. He has been keeping the team focused and locked into winning the game and it was a hassle for the Bulldogs. Santa Fe eventually took the lead, but it did not keep them from defeating the Wolves.

“I started off the game not very well but when I received the sack, I started playing better,” Dunham said.

The mentality of the team and coaches has been helping this year, they are going into games with more confidence to play extremely well as shown in their performance against Santa Fe. 

The Bulldogs have finally been winning in football this year and thanks to the support of everyone from Memorial. This could be the best year that Memorial has for the Bulldog’s football team.

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