2023 Swine Week recipient


Miller Davis

This years Swine Week Recipient is Hope House OKC!

Lathan Pearce, Staff Writer

This year’s Swine Week recipient; HopeHouse OKC, was selected on October 6. Executive Director Treb Praytor spoke to the student body during an assembly on behalf of the organization with the staff in attendance. 

HopeHouse OKC is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty here in Oklahoma. The program was launched in 2011 after the Vine Community Church began to grow closer to the homeless community and decided they wanted to help out more than just outreach events sponsored by the church.

“We work with homeless families to help get them off the streets,” Praytor said.

The charity has been trying to become the sponsor for multiple years now, and even became a finalist last year. “We were overwhelmed thinking this could be a possibility, so this is a dream come true,” Praytor said.

HopeHouse OKC already has ideas as to what they want to do with the donations that come along with being the recipient. Part of their plan is to bring in more families experiencing homelessness to help them back onto their feet.

“We’re opening up new buildings that are currently under construction right now,” Praytor said. “This will help bring in 12 to 13 more families.’

One of the more challenging parts of the selection process is the organizations that are left out, much like HopeHouse did in years prior. 

“There are so many amazing organizations, there’s never a bad pick, you can never go wrong,” Swine Week Chair Camden Peck said.

However, the Swine Week Chairs feel like HopeHouse OKC’s mission is something students can really connect to. With the HopeHouse wanting to finish this building, the donations will be going to a cause that matters. 

“Their goal for what they want with the money is very tangible,” Peck said. “It’s a very big deal, so we selected them because it’s the best fit.”

The Chairs are excited to work with the non-profit and hope that the organization will help students be involved with how energetic the staff has been with the students so far.

“I’m super excited to work with HopeHouse because it’s an incredible organization and does incredible things around the community.” Swine Week Chair Baylee Rose said.

The theme for this year’s Swine Week was also announced during the assembly. The two themes it came down to were “Around the Boarld” and “Back in Swine”, and the former ended up being the choice.

Since Swine Week is still a few months away, the committee will have time to work with HopeHouse OKC and figure out how they want to implement the theme. With this in mind, this year’s Swine Week should be one to remember.  

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